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Chainlink Services Enabled Cozy Reef To Develop Its Decentralized Gaming dApp

Chainlink network services are helping decentralized NFT gaming ecosystems to avoid some of the typical challenges faced by blockchain games and...
6 min read

Chainlink (LINK) Network Data Worth Ten-Fold In Less Than a Year

Tina Holmstrom Crypto smart contracts using Chainlink’s oracle networks,  have reached a value of $75 billion in 2021. Chainlink, the largest smart...
38 sec read

WalletConnect & Native Polygon Fully Supported Across The Metaverse In 2022

Oct 22, 2021 WalletConnect & Native Polygon Support – allows you to connect with an easy and secure way Faster and...
2 min read

Liquid Exchange

Liquid, a cryptocurrency exchange accepts Fiat cash. Fiat and crypto-based trading pairs are available, and deposits and purchases can be made...
9 min read